Brie’s Portrait shoot

This lovely lady is Brie and she is a blast. When she introduces herself she says, “I am Brie, you know….like the cheese.” She is such a crack up and had me laughing and giggling with her the whole time. Brie is a cheerleader, gymnast, and is active with Tae Kwon Do. A very talent young gal who loves being active and hanging out with her buddies. I have known Brie since she was in the third grade and I am amazed at the woman she is becoming, beautiful on the outside and even more on the inside.

Hanson’s Family Shoot

It is hard to keep up on family pictures when your children hit the teen and adult years of life. It makes me happy when families make it a priority to continue to take family pictures. This is my sister and my grown up niece and nephews! Time sure does fly by quickly, it is nice to have all stages of life captured together as a family.

Lillianna’s Newborn Shoot

It is so much fun to be able to take baby pictures with someone that we also had the privilege of taking maternity pictures with. It is exciting to see the whole process and be there in the first special days of these two becoming parents for the first time. Andrea and David have created one beautiful little baby and they are such wonderful parents.

Chelsea’s Senior Shoot

Chelsea’s Senior photoshoot at an amazing abandoned house just off of Hwy 101 outside of Paso Robles.

Andrea’s Maternity Shoot

Andrea’s Maternity shoot on a great Ranch outside of Paso Robles.

Erins’s Family Shoot

These adorable kids got their Valentines day pictures done just outside of Paso Robles at an rustic ranch.

Scott and Kelsey’s Wedding

Scott and Kelsey’s beautiful wedding taking place in Paso Robles at the city park and First Baptist church. Finishing up with their resection at the Atascadero lake park pavilion. What a beautiful and special day this was.

Alicia’s Portrait Shoot

Here are some of my favorite silhouettes pictures. One of the scarf pictures ended up looking like a fish in the sky; I thought that was pretty neat.

Danielle’s Family Shoot

Danielle’s and her families photoshoot at a wonderful little ranch outside of Paso Robles.

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