Alicia Portrait shoot

Enjoying some girl time with my cousin at sunset, isn’t she pretty?

Eric and Sarah’s Engagement

A perfect location for an evening engagement shoot, this is Eric and Sarah at Pomar Junction Winery. We had a great time with these two as we toured around this wonderful venue and used the wonderful collection of old trucks and rail cars in our photographs. Eric loved having all the “guy stuff” in his pictures while Sarah enjoyed having her horses in the pictures as well. These two were a wonderful couple, easy going and fun to be around. We truly had the best of San Luis Obispo county on this photo shoot. A combination of the rustic ranch equipment with the elegance and sophistication of the winery.

Bogdon Family

We meet this beautiful family in San Luis Obispo at the Rustic Froom Ranch, which is the perfect name for it because everything was very old and very rustic.  I am sure every photographer gets just as excited as we do when we find a new hidden location full of dilapidated barns and a past history. Mixing a little bit of “old” is always a good thing for creating a warm and loved feeling in photo shoot. This family was originally from Argentina and the girls all wore blouses sent from their loved ones back at home. The three little girls were stunning, there really isn’t another word for it. As you can see in the photos each one was full of grace and poise as they effortlessly posed for each photo. This family shares a lot of love and working with them was an absolute joy.

Sarah’s Portrait Photoshoot

I know someday this gal will be a famous model somewhere and I will be the lucky one to have taken her first photos. This is Sarah and she is stunning. She can totally pull off doing the model poses that most people look awkward attempting. Those brilliant blue eyes are captivating and my camera was obsessed with capturing them. Sarah and I have known each other since we were just kids, and she is fortunate enough to be one of those people who is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She was so much fun to photograph, I love spend time around this gal and I look forward to more shoots in the future!

Anna’s Senior pictures

I had a lot of fun doing Anna’s Senior pictures in an open field out at Jardine.  The soft light hit her face beautifully, this is why I love with taking pictures at sunset.  There is always a new and different way to capture the light in photographs. I had a good time bei

ng creative with Anna and she was a good sport with her willingness to try and go anywhere!

Daniel’s Newborn Shoot

This little guy was only three days old when his first pictures were taken. He slept through almost the whole experience, which made it a little easier than most.


This is Megan. This girl is full of life, color, and vibrancy. Even though she knows how to strike a good “serious pose” in her photographs she is so full of silliness. I was laughing most of this shoot but still able to capture her intense gaze in between our giggles. Megan was a blast to work with and very photogenic, she brought the perfect outfits to the photo shoot that showed off her “hippie” side and love for fashion.

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